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AI Meeting Assistant improvements

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

With this release, we introduce improvements to AI Meeting Assistant for an even better user experience.

Action Items automatic generation

When users create a Detailed Summary from a Transcript, Krisp will automatically generate Action Items, making the Summary even more useful. This feature streamlines post-meeting tasks, helping users stay organized and efficient.

More organized Action Items

We have added a few helpful components to the Action Items, to make it easier to organize your notes.

  • Due dates: Choose a specific date for your tasks, ensuring you're always on track.

  • Assign to teammates: Assign Action Items to your colleagues, making it clear who's responsible for what.

  • Prioritize Tasks: Give your tasks a level of importance - High, Medium, or Low, so you know where to focus your energy.

  • Mark as complete: Once you're done, simply check it off your list.

Check this help article for more details about Action Items.

Meeting Notes enhancements

We've enhanced Meeting Notes with increased flexibility, making them more user-friendly.

  • Drag and drop: Enables easy rearrangement of components within your notes by dragging and dropping.

  • Click to edit: Allows for seamless switching between viewing and editing modes with a single click.

  • Basic text formatting: Provides support for basic text operations like bold, italic, and underline.

  • Markdown support: Allows you to format text using Markdown for enhanced document structuring and clarity.

  • Collaboration: Enables multiple users to view and edit in real-time.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Allows to use keyboard shortcuts for common actions.

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