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AI Meeting Assistant improvements and bug fixes

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

We're happy to share the latest improvements and bug fixes for the Account dashboard. This update includes user-driven enhancements for a more intuitive experience and addresses several key issues for smoother operation.


Delete notes and other small changes:

  • The copy and regenerate buttons are now closer to the title.

  • Added delete functionality for action items and summary.

  • Text color in Meeting notes is darker for better readability.

Add custom contacts in speaker dropdown: Users can now add custom contacts directly in the speaker dropdown for easier identification.

Speaker name clarity in transcript view:

  • Only the speaker's first name is shown in the transcript view.

  • The first letter of the last name is added only if there are repeating names.

Action items improvements and drag functionality:

  • New drag, delete, duplicate and add functionalities for action items.

  • Improved user interface for assigning due dates and editing action items. Check our help article for more information.

Scroll bar on speaker selection dropdown: The scroll bar now appears on hover for better visibility and user experience.

Set embeddings during 1:1 meetings: Enhanced detection for 1:1 meetings, ensuring accurate user experience.

Bug fixes

  • Speaker selection issue in clipboard: Fixed an issue where Speaker_1 was incorrectly added instead of Speaker_2 when copy/pasting a transcript.

  • Timeline display on small screens: Addressed the issue where the timeline was breaking on small screen devices.

  • Date picker functionality across timezones: Fixed inconsistencies with the date picker working across different timezones.

  • Regeneration error after retry: Resolved an issue where the error screen persisted even after a successful retry during note regeneration.

  • Contact display in dropdown: Fixed the problem of some contacts not appearing in the dropdown menu.

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