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Analytics Dashboard

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

This release brings the Analytics Dashboard and introduces the Krisp version lifecycle.

Analytics Dashboard

As an Enterprise team admin, you can now get a detailed report of your team’s Krisp usage in the Analytics Dashboard.

You can go to the Dashboard to get informed about the amount and intensity of noises encountered by your team in different periods and how Krisp handled it. You can also get insights into which part of the available seats are currently being used.

All the data in the Dashboard will give you an idea of where you need to make adjustments in Krisp usage within the team to get the most out of your Krisp plan.

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Krisp version lifecycle

Striving to always provide our customers with the best experience, Krisp has adopted a lifecycle policy for its versions. To ensure an uninterrupted Krisp experience with the latest features, improvements, and fixes, it’s recommended to always keep the app up to date.

As an Enterprise team admin, you can see which Krisp versions are being used by your team members in the Versions tab of the Analytics Dashboard and take action to get the apps updated in a timely manner.

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