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April updates for Enterprise

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

We're excited to announce the latest enhancements and features rolled out in Krisp for Enterprise. In this release, we've focused on refining user management, improving user experience, and enhancing administrative capabilities.


  • Bulk user management enhancements: Bulk user deletion by team admins is now restricted to prevent accidental removal of a significant number of users. Admins can't delete more than 100 users or exceed 30% of assigned seats, ensuring more cautious user management.

  • Streamlined user addition with SCIM/SSO integration: With SCIM or SSO Enforced enabled, the ability for team admins to manually add users has been restricted. This update reduces errors and confusion, allowing admins to focus on managing existing users effectively.

  • Enhanced device management capabilities: Device-based team admins can now download a CSV containing blocked devices for manual analysis. A "Download CSV" button has been added for convenient access to device information.

  • Expanded user data in CSV downloads: The "Send usage email" has been removed, and CSV downloads now include additional user information such as invite date, join date, last call date, and last seen date, alongside existing data like email, role, and status.

  • Invitation date tracking for team admins: The invitation sent date is now included in the user details panel, allowing team admins to track when invitations were sent. The panel dynamically updates to display the latest invite date for resent invitations.

  • Billing page redesign and UX enhancements: Several UX enhancements have been implemented, including a billing page redesign, clearer messaging, and improved feedback mechanisms. The redesign aims to enhance scalability and user efficiency, catering to different user tiers with relevant information and tools.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to improve Krisp for an even better user experience!

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