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Account Dashboard for Free & Pro

December updates for Free and Pro

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

We are pleased to announce the newest updates and bug fixes for the Account dashboard. This release brings many improvements to AI Meeting Assistance and introduces Krisp Workspaces.

AI Meeting Assistant improvements

Highlighting low-confidence words: We now highlight words with low confidence scores in the transcript, and with a simple click, you can add them to your custom vocabulary.

Speaker name assignment widget UX: We've improved the user experience for assigning speaker names, making it more straightforward and reducing the number of clicks required.

Deleting speaker sections from the transcript: Users can now delete specific sections from a speaker with an option to instantly revert the action, providing more control over the content of their transcripts.

Meeting list UI changes: The meeting list interface has been updated for improved navigation and user interaction.

Optimized speaker differentiation: Speaker differentiation has been enhanced, particularly for 1:1 meetings, to better clarify who said what.

Krisp Workspaces

Corporate domain detection at sign-up: Introducing a feature to facilitate easier sharing, collaboration, and team management, transforming the way teams collaborate.

Bug fixes

  • We have fixed the issue where the View note button remained visible in the app after a meeting was removed from the web.

  • We have resolved the malfunction With notes quick filter in the My Meetings page for a smoother user experience.

  • We have addressed the problem of automatic speaker setup not triggering during one-on-one calls, ensuring accurate speaker recognition.

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