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Download recordings, updated Referral Program, more admin controls

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

With this release, you can download your recordings, as well as give and get free months of Krisp Pro through the updated Referral Program.
In addition, team admins now get more control options.

For personal account users

Improved recordings management

  • You asked and we listened: now you can download your recordings from your Krisp account and store them locally on your device.

  • It's also easier to rename the recordings so that you always have the most relevant info in front of your eyes.

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Updated Referral Program!

  • Unlock up to 6 months of free Krisp Pro when your first 3 friends join Krisp through your referral link.

  • Gift 1 month of free Krisp Pro to all of your friends who accept your invitation and join Krisp.

Check the help article for more information.

For Enterprise/team users

As a team admin, you now have more control to:

  • Disable welcome emails, so that new team members do not get extra notifications.

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  • See the date when the invitation to join was last sent to each of your team members. Since the invitation expires within 7 days, it will be easier to know if you need to re-send it.

  • Track how actively your team members are using Krisp by checking their last active date on the dashboard.

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