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Improved Notes and Enhanced Summary Controls

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

With this update, we've rolled out enhancements to the AI Meeting Assistant, streamlining your interactions for a smoother experience. In addition, there are some other minor improvements and bug fixes.

AI Meeting Assistant improvements

  • We have added The Gist to your Meeting Notes - a concise wrap-up of your meeting Summary. Navigate with ease through the chapters, leading you straight to the relevant sections of your Summary. Read more about this in our help article.

  • We have revamped the Summary interface, boasting features like Drag & Drop, Add, Duplicate, and Delete.

  • You can easily distinguish between auto-generated Summary and user edits with our clear visual indicators.

  • User-generated content remains preserved during Summary regeneration for a seamless experience.

  • Change the speaker's name and apply it to a selected portion of the speech in Transcription.

  • The Summarize button has been added to the Transcripts page, enabling users to easily generate summaries after assigning speakers.

Other improvements

  • Users can now have avatars on the web dashboard, fetched directly from the associated email.

  • We've introduced a new onboarding process to ensure you can begin using Krisp without any hassle. Just follow a few straightforward steps to access all of Krisp's features.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved navigation issues with the browser's back button. Users should now be able to seamlessly navigate between the Notes tab and the My Meetings page without any interruptions.

  • Resolved a problem where users signing in via the app and then accessing the web with certain accounts were taken to the wrong URL. Now, after signing in, the displayed content and the web address align correctly.

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