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January updates for Free and Pro

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

We are glad to roll out our latest updates and bug fixes for the Account dashboard. This release includes notable enhancements to the AI Meeting Assistant and a much-anticipated feature for recording downloads.

AI Meeting Assistant enhancements

  • Highlight “Speaker_N” in summaries: Enhancing the Detailed Summary, we now offer the ability to assign speakers within summaries, extending this functionality beyond the transcript. Speaker names are now highlighted for quick identification, with the familiar transcript selector also available on the notes pages. Speakers assigned in the transcript will be reflected in generated notes. While speaker assignments can be edited at any time, a double backspace will lock in the last assignment. To enrich the summarizing experience, subtitles, and context-based emojis are now part of the Summary feature, and they are fully editable by the users.

  • Add words to Custom Vocabulary easier: Words can now be added directly to your custom vocabulary with a simple press of the Enter key, streamlining the process of customizing your AI Meeting Assistant’s understanding.

  • Speaker assignment improvements: We have streamlined the speaker assignment process to be more intuitive and less intrusive, reducing the effort and time needed to keep your transcripts organized.

  • Open the dialog when clicking on low-confidence word: Clicking on words with low confidence scores now opens a dialog box, allowing for immediate and effortless editing or confirmation.

  • Recordings download: Meeting recordings are now available for download in MP3 format, providing users with flexible access to their audio files. This enhancement aims to simplify record-keeping and sharing of meeting content. You can find more information about this feature in our help article.

Bug fixes

  • We’ve eliminated the visual obstruction where the 'Add action item' was partially covered by the last item in the action items section.

  • The error that occurred when trying to open shared transcripts has been resolved.

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