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Krisp 2.19.6 - Set the Speaker name in the Transcript

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

This release brings you the option to set each Speaker's name in your Transcripts. It also introduces enhancements to the AI Meeting Assistant and other improvements and fixes.

Notification preferences

You can now control which notifications you want to receive during your Krisp usage. Check or uncheck the Call health warnings and Call status notifications in the Krisp preferences to make sure you get a distraction-free workspace and receive only the information you want to see about your calls.

AI Meeting Assistant improvements

  • Make your Transcripts more accurate, insightful, and intelligible by setting the name of each Speaker. You can get the name suggestions from the list of your Calendar event participants or set custom names.

  • We improved how your Calendar events get linked to your Transcripts. Now the all-day events, as well as those you didn’t accept the invitation to won’t be linked to your Transcripts. We also improved how the overlapping meetings in your Calendar get reflected

  • You will now get the chance to rate the Transcripts of your meetings and tell us what you love about it, or what you’d like to see improved. This way, you will help us make the feature better and more useful for you.

  • The notifications are now redesigned and improved to allow you to control the Noise Cancellation and Meeting Transcripts states right from the notification at the call start.

  • A loading screen will now inform you that the Meeting Summary is currently being generated and will show the progress bar to track the process.

  • We added the privacy notice and an FAQ section on the Meeting Notes page to make sure you have all the needed information at hand.

  • You won’t be automatically assigned a default template for your Meeting Notes. Instead, you will get the chance to set your default while generating your first Summary.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • The filters of the Meeting Notes will now be removed after clicking on them for the second time.

  • We fixed the issue when the call-start notification informing about the Noise Cancellation state would not be shown because of an overlapping notification from the previous call.

  • We addressed the cases when you could toggle the Transcription option On and OFF from the call start notification while the feature was not ready to be used yet. Instead, the following notification will now indicate the feature is being prepared.

  • We fixed the issue when the Krisp app UI would open and automatically close after the onboarding steps are completed.

  • We fixed the cases when Krisp would not work properly after the system start unless it was killed and restarted.

  • Krisp Widget opened on an external monitor will no longer disappear if the monitor gets disconnected.

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