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Krisp 2.20.3 - Microphone and speaker prioritization and auto-selection logic

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

This release introduces prioritization and selection logic for microphones and speakers available in Krisp, as well as other improvements and bug fixes.

Microphone and speaker prioritization and selection logic

If you use multiple microphones and speakers at different times on the same computer, this release will bring you peace of mind and decrease the clicks you do for a correct setup for every call. Now Krisp will handle the microphone and speaker prioritization and selection in a way that your voice is captured by the preferable and predictable device, as well as you hear the others through the logically correct one.

With this logic, you, as a hybrid mode user, will no longer need to manually adjust the Krisp setup anytime you connect or disconnect another device. Instead, Krisp will pick the most accurate ones for you unless you specifically decide to switch them.

The devices will show up in the Krisp app dropdown lists based on their priorities.

Check this help article for more information about the logic.


  • On Windows 10, Krisp now automatically selects the most relevant profile as a speaker when using a Bluetooth headset, ensuring optimal audio quality.

  • Logged-out users will now receive a pop-up notification every 24 hours, reminding them to log back in and utilize Krisp for their next calls.

Bug fixes

  • Krisp Widget will no longer pop up on the screen, and the Krisp Speaker will not display a warning icon in the app UI when the active audio stream is through the device audio settings.

  • Transcripts will no longer show a warning icon when toggled off while the Krisp Microphone is muted.

  • We fixed the issue causing Krisp to freeze when using "Share sound" in Zoom.

  • On Mac, you can now mute the microphone from the widget without any issues.

  • The Speaker toggle will instantly activate if you upgrade to Pro while having no Noise Cancellation minutes left on the Free plan.

  • On Mac, the full-screen mode system hotkeys will no longer affect Krisp app.

  • On Windows, the system hotkeys for zooming in and out will no longer affect Krisp notifications or onboarding videos.

  • We fixed the problem causing the Talk Time and Call Duration counters on the Widget to rest as a second simultaneous stream starts.

  • The selected devices in Krisp will now be retained after restarting the app.

  • We addressed the issue causing the app to freeze when receiving a notification suggesting saving the call Transcript.

  • Fixed app crash cases that occurred during system startup.

  • Resolved the problem of the Krisp microphone continuously muting and unmuting itself when selected in Audacity.

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