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Krisp 2.21.8 - Proxy server availability

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

Starting with this release, Krisp has started supporting proxy server connectivity. We also introduce other improvements and bug fixes.

Proxy server compatibility

Now Krisp will detect system proxy settings automatically and will try to connect to the network using those configs. However if your proxy is configured as block all/allow list, then you would need to allow the servers that Krisp connects to.

Check this article for more details about the needed configurations.


  • Enhanced audio device prioritization logic for improved device selection in Krisp. In particular, the Windows Stereo Mix microphone will no longer be auto-selected as a working device in Krisp.

  • Added "Launch Krisp at system startup" setting in Krisp preferences for increased control over the application behavior.

  • We added an Outlook sign-up and sign-in options for a streamlined user journey.

  • You can now consent to help us continuously improve the AI Meeting Assistant by sharing your Transcripts with us.

  • You can now set up 2-factor authentication for your Krisp account to enhance the privacy and security of your data. Check this article for more details.

  • For 1:1 meetings, the names of the speakers will automatically be added to the Transcriptions.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed the cases when Krisp would arbitrarily crash during app usage.

  • Fixed the issue where Krisp would enter an unhealthy state with Krisp Microphone becoming unavailable on Mac.

  • Krisp will now open over full-screen apps on Mac without affecting their full-screen state.

  • The Transcriptions toggle state will no longer be arbitrarily changed after the app update.

  • Resolved the problem where the persistent log-out notification was not displayed to the user upon manual logout. Additionally, fixed the issue where the notification would remain on the screen after logging into the app.

  • Fixed the issue when an incorrect Meeting Note privacy state would be shown if the Note was copied and shared with others.

  • The Calendar picture of the Speaker will now be incorporated in the Transcription.

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