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Krisp 2.23.4 - Custom Vocabulary integration for enhanced Transcripts

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

This release introduces enhancements for AI Meeting Assistant and other bug fixes and improvements. Below are the details of the changes you'll find in the new version:

Custom Vocabulary integration for enhanced Transcripts

We're introducing a game-changing addition to Krisp's capabilities - Custom Vocabulary. Now users can educate the AI with industry-specific jargon, abbreviations, and acronyms prevalent within their organization.

This empowers the AI to refine transcripts, ensuring they're not just accurate but also tailored to your unique context. Check this article for more details about Custom Vocabulary.

Enhanced speaker recognition with voice embeddings

This update introduces Voice Embeddings to Krisp, enabling automatic speaker recognition in call transcripts.

Users can also manually assign speaker names, enhancing future automatic assignments. This feature optimizes transcription accuracy, ensuring a seamless experience for users.


For Mac users, we've made an enhancement to the Krisp app's behavior. Now, when you launch Krisp from the spotlight while it's already running, the Krisp app UI will open directly. This improvement ensures easy access to the Krisp UI, even if the app icon is concealed by the camera cutout.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue affecting Windows 11 users where Krisp would automatically log out after a machine restart. Now, after logging in to Krisp and restarting the machine, Krisp will maintain the login state as expected.

  • Addressed a problem where the Zoom ringtone was being removed when toggling on Krisp Speaker on Mac. This issue has been fixed, ensuring consistent audio experiences during Zoom calls.

  • Fixed the occurrence of the "Save transcript" window appearing after quitting or signing out of the app.

  • Corrected a notification issue where the "Krisp was ON" notification was erroneously displayed instead of the Meeting Transcript notification.

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