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Krisp 2.24.5 - AI Meeting Assistant improvements and bug fixes

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

We're introducing the Krisp 2.24.5 update, which brings many improvements and bug fixes to elevate your experience.


  • We've revamped the problem-reporting experience within the Krisp app. Streamlined and intuitive, the updated reporting process ensures that issues and feedback reach us more effectively, enabling swifter resolutions.

  • Your feedback matters. In light of your suggestions, we've made a noteworthy change - the Preferences section in Krisp is now named Settings. This change aligns with standard user interface terminology, fostering a more cohesive and user-friendly experience.

  • To enhance clarity, we have renamed Meeting Notes page to My Meetings on Web dashboard.

  • If you've registered using your work domain, your company name will now be seamlessly integrated into the Custom Vocabulary.

Bug fixes

In addition to these enhancements and improvements, we've diligently worked to address specific issues that impact your Krisp experience:

  • We've rectified an issue where in the update error window failed to appear when the connection was lost during the downloading process. This fix guarantees timely notifications regarding update-related matters, facilitating smoother updates.

  • Our team has optimized the resource usage of the Transcription feature. This adjustment ensures Transcriptions function seamlessly without undue strain on your system's performance.

  • With this correction, a bug leading to the restoration of consumed minutes after app restarts has been resolved.

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