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Krisp 2.28.5 - Enhanced calendar integration and other improvements

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

We're happy to share with you the latest updates to the Krisp app, which include a range of improvements to sync your audio settings, enhance calendar integration and transcription capabilities, and other improvements and bug fixes.

Show calendar in app main view

Your calendar is now accessible directly in the Krisp main view, streamlining your meeting management:

  • All past and upcoming meetings are displayed in the app.

  • You can join meetings directly from the Krisp app.

  • The upcoming meeting name and time left until it begins are now visible on the taskbar.

  • Once a meeting starts, you can also see the remaining time for the meeting on the taskbar.

  • Availability of calendar events in the app view, showing meeting title and time left, can be adjusted from the Krisp Settings.

For more information check our help article.

Other improvements

  • Map Krisp and working speaker device volumes: We've made sure that the volume levels between your working and Krisp speakers are now in sync. You'll see the same volume level in both the working speaker settings and in the Krisp volume control, such as within Zoom's audio settings.

  • Enhanced transition words for better transcripts: We have improved the use of transition words to ensure your meeting transcripts are clearer and more coherent.

  • Updated app UI for better user experience: We've refreshed our user interface, aiming for a more user-friendly and visually appealing experience.

Bug fixes

  • Krisp devices become unplugged after sleep/start of PC: This bug has been fixed, so your Krisp audio devices should now stay connected when your computer wakes up or restarts.

  • The choice 'Same as the system' sometimes is lost: On Mac, we've fixed an issue where the 'Same as the system' selection would be lost if the system's device list changed and did not contain the default device anymore.

  • Stability improvements for macOS Sonoma: We've implemented stability improvements for the Sonoma platform, ensuring a more reliable and seamless experience for all users.

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