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Krisp 2.33.3 - Smarter meetings and enhanced Noise Cancellation

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

We're pleased to announce Krisp's latest update, offering enhanced controls for meetings and calendar events, along with various bug fixes and improvements.

AI Meeting Assistant improvements

  • Auto-open meeting page: Your post-call workflow just got smoother. Now, Krisp will automatically open the meeting page after a call ends. You can control this feature from the app settings to better fit your workflow.

  • Advanced calendar event settings: Personalize how you view your calendar events in the app with new adjustable settings:

    • Toggle the visibility of upcoming events next to the Krisp icon in the menu bar.

    • Choose to display the event title, with a customizable character limit for how it's shown in the menu bar. All settings are on by default, and Krisp will remember your choices.

  • Display consent text in Zoom: Enhance transparency by showing consent text next to your Zoom username when joining a meeting from Krisp app. This feature can be toggled from Krisp Settings.

Other improvements

  • Enhanced Noise Cancellation: Integrated a new model that delivers better Noise Cancellation with less CPU usage, ensuring clearer audio while maintaining your system's performance.

Bug fixes

  • Transcript retention after automatic logout: Fixed an issue where transcripts were lost if an automatic logout occurred after the end of a call.

  • "Get debug logs" progress issue: Resolved a bug where the progress circle within the "Get debug logs" function failed to complete, preventing the zipping and saving of logs.

  • UI positioning after restart: Addressed a glitch causing the UI to become partially visible after restarting the app when calendar access is granted.

  • Manual logout popup timing: Corrected the timing of the "Automatically signed out" popup to ensure it appears only when relevant, improving the manual logout process.

  • Audio stream continuity on macOS: On macOS, fixed a problem where the Krisp speaker stream appeared inactive after logging out and back in during an active stream. Users can now resume streaming seamlessly.

  • Transcript toggle with muted mic: Solved an issue where the transcript toggle was forcibly disabled when the selected physical microphone was muted, even though transcription continued to work.

  • Transcribe tab state preservation: Transcribe tab state preservation: Fixed a bug where switching from the paused Transcribe tab to Record & Transcribe didn't maintain the paused state in the app UI, but recording and transcribing was actually paused.

  • Recording upload fix: Resolved an issue preventing the upload of recordings to the web dashboard in some cases.

  • Stream restart on screen share via Zoom: Fixed a bug where streaming would restart after sharing the screen on Zoom using Krisp with macOS Sonoma 14.1.

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