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Krisp 2.35.5 - Video Recording with Krisp Bot

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

In our continuous effort to make your meetings smarter and your communication clearer, we're excited to introduce the latest updates to Krisp. This release brings enhancements and bug fixes that improve your overall Krisp experience.

Video Recording with Krisp Bot

Now, you can capture video recordings of your meetings with Krisp Bot, making it easier than ever to review your meetings or share them with others. You can check more details about how it works in our help article.

Other improvements

  • Precise detection of 1:1 meetings from the calendar: Krisp now more accurately identifies and detects 1:1 meetings from your calendar, ensuring improved speaker assignment.

  • "What's Next" section in Notes: Following your meeting summaries and action items, find a new section dedicated to outlining the next steps, designed to keep your team aligned and focused on future tasks.

  • Enhanced stability for Mac app: With this latest update, we've significantly improved the stability of the Krisp app on Mac, ensuring all previously encountered issues, such as lost streams and disappearing virtual devices, are effectively resolved.

  • Enhanced notification control: We've made our notifications more intuitive and organized, ensuring you stay informed with ease.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed audio timing issues during Noise Cancellation test playback with Bluetooth speakers: Addressed the bug when users experienced slight audio advancement or delay when toggling noise cancellation during playback.

  • Resolved speaker recording loss after switching Krisp speaker during a stream: Fixed the issue when selecting a different speaker and then reverting to Krisp speaker during a call resulted in lost speaker recording.

  • Fixed inaccurate display in some cases for non-English calls and call duration: Notifications for non-English or extended calls have been optimized to ensure clarity on Krisp's status.

  • User preferences for auto-open summary now save correctly: Adjustments to the auto-summarization settings will now be remembered without any issues, even when toggling the feature off and on.

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