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Krisp Beta 2.18.4 - Krisp Widget

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

The new version of Krisp Beta brings the following new features to it.


Krisp Widget

Krisp Widget you can easily keep track of your Meeting Duration and Talk Time during calls, toggle Outbound Noise Cancellation ON and OFF, as well as mute and unmute your Krisp Microphone. Accessible from the settings menu in the app, the Krisp Widget is the perfect tool to help you stay focused and in control.

Muting Krisp Microphone

It will now take just one click to mute and unmute yourself from all the apps where Krisp Microphone is used. The functionality can be accessed both in the app UI and in the Krisp Widget giving you more control over your call experience.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • The audio device selection logic is now updated. Whenever a new device is plugged into your computer, it will get selected in Krisp and start working in your communication applications where Krisp is set to work.

  • We also introduce numerous bug fixes and performance improvements for a smoother user experience.

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