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Krisp Beta - AI Meeting Assistant

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

We are happy to announce the release of Krisp Beta. It introduces the AI Meeting Assistant to Free and Pro users.

AI Meeting Assistant

This version brings the AI Meeting Assistant - the world's only bot-free non-intrusive tool that transcribes voice conversations in real time across any application and summarizes main points, action items, and meeting notes for sharing and collaboration.

Supercharge your online meetings with AI Meeting Assistant!

  • Automate the meeting note-taking and sharing with Krisp and focus on what really matters; making important business decisions.

  • With this tool, rest assured that you’ll always capture all the essential details of your meetings.

  • Have the team collaboration improved by easily capturing and sharing all the discussion and action items.

Read more about how to use the feature.

A highlight of features in Krisp Beta

Krisp Beta has most of the features comprising the latest Krisp Mac and Windows versions. Those include but are not limited to:

  • Background Voice Cancellation
    Isolates the primary user’s voice by detecting and removing other human voices to increase clarity and prevent leakage of potentially sensitive conversations into customer calls.

  • Outbound Noise and Echo Cancellation
    Removes noise distractions from outgoing voice audio for better clarity and comprehension of digital voice conversations, ensuring a better experience for both sides of the call.

  • Inbound Noise Cancellation
    Cleans noise from incoming audio for better clarity and comprehension of voice conversations resulting in more efficient communication.

In addition, it incorporates the Autoupdate feature to facilitate a streamlined process for updating Krisp. Once the update is completed, a notification within the application will indicate that the latest version has been successfully installed.

Krisp Beta vs the latest Krisp Mac and Windows versions

As we work on perfecting the app, we will gradually update you about other features incorporated into the app. Currently, some of the features from the latest Krisp versions are not in Krisp Beta.

  • Krisp Mute functionality

  • Krisp Widget with Talk Time indication

  • Krisp Virtual Background (present in Krisp Mac)

  • Call Summary

Getting Krisp Beta

Sign up and download Krisp Beta.
As a current user, you can get Krisp Beta from the Download page of your dashboard.

Krisp Beta is not tailored for Business and Enterprise teams. Please talk to your Customer Success representative if you think your team can benefit from the AI Meeting Assistant.

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