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Krisp Win Enterprise version 23.Q1

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

This release brings several improvements to the Background Voice Cancellation, noise detection level, the team management and introduces other enhancements and bug fixes.

Improvements in Background Voice Cancellation

Team-level device management

As a team admin, you can now manage how different devices team members use work with Background Voice Cancellation. You can set the devices to:

  • always work with the feature,

  • always be disabled for it,

  • leave it to the user's choice,

  • or apply the automatic Krisp settings to those.

The settings can be accessed from the Admin Dashboard. Read more about the feature here.

Background Voice Cancellation quality enhancements

The Background Voice Cancellation is largely enhanced. More specifically, this version brings:

  • improved differentiation between primary and secondary speakers, as well as less adaption time required for both of them,

  • better support of poor and low bandwidth devices,

  • better performance for Bluetooth devices,

  • improved level of voice-keeping for the primary speaker and voice cancellation for the secondary speaker,

  • improved Noise Cancellation quality especially when the CPU is under high load.

Call Center specific Noise Cancellation

As an Enterprise Admin, you can now enable the Call Center specific model of Noise Cancellation for your team users. With this:

  • a lighter version of Inbound Noise Cancellation will be applied to all the team users,

  • the Background Voice Cancellation will be adjusted to make sure that the agent's voice isn't distorted when the user's device is under high load or when the Low Power Usage mode for Noise Cancellation is manually turned on.

Improvements in noise detection

We fully revised the noise level calculations.

  • the app and the widget will indicate more realistically when there is noise in the user’s environment,

  • the Call Summary will represent the amount and intensity of noises detected in the call more accurately,

  • you, as an admin, will now get more precise data in your Analytics dashboard about the noises encountered by your team and canceled by Krisp.

Improvements in the team management

  • If you, as an admin, disable the “Report a Problem” option for your team users, they can still get the debug logs from the app settings menu. This will allow them to share the needed information with you or with Krisp team in case troubleshooting is needed.

  • When updating Krisp to the versions coming after this one through deployment tools, the previous Krisp version will be gracefully quit leaving the updated version only to run on the device. You, as an admin, can set Krisp to relaunch automatically for team users after the update. This will make sure that they do not miss out on Noise Cancellation for their upcoming calls.

  • You, as an admin, can now set up SSO to be the primary login way for your team accessed right from the app. This will make the authentication process straightforward for the users and will take fewer steps from them. Learn more about the setup process.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • We fixed the cases when Noise Cancellation could stop when Windows falsely detected the microphone as muted on system level.

  • We have also fixed the playback devices lists would start flashing when using Bluetooth or USB devices.

  • Now the logged-out users will continue seeing a pop-up notification every 24 hours to make sure they log back in and have Noise Cancellation during their calls.

  • We fixed the inconsistency between the microphone mute states indicated in the app and widget.

  • We also fixed the cases where the Krisp Speaker Cancellation delay would malfunction in case of 2 or more simultaneous audio streams.

  • We fixed some cases when Krisp would crash at the call start causing the user to be temporarily muted.

  • Krisp will now return to a normal working state after closing the RDP session and no app restart will be required.

  • We fixed the cases when Krisp update would fail with the "Krisp was not able to install the update because of inconsistency” message.

  • We addressed the problem when Krisp would show an available update while you have the latest version installed.

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