The Krisp team
Krisp Mac (legacy)

Mac 1.23.7 - Virtual Background (BETA)

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

We are excited to bring you a new feature in the Krisp app - Virtual Background (BETA). The feature allows you to replace your background in video calls. Select Krisp Camera in any communication app and keep the focus of your audience on you.

  • Easily replace your video background with one of the default cool backgrounds.

  • Add your own image as a background.

  • Set once - use everywhere. You can control the virtual background across all the apps you use from one centralized place.

  • It works on almost every platform where you can select which camera to use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Virtual Background is a BETA feature and some stability and compatibility issues are expected. If you face any issues or have feedback, you can help us make the feature better by reporting a problem from inside the Krisp app.

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