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Krisp Mac (legacy)

Mac 1.26.20 - Krisp Microphone as system device

AUTHOR: The Krisp team
  • With this release, you can set Krisp Microphone as your system default device. Krisp will cancel noise even if the apps you use don't have dedicated audio settings.

    As for the Teams and Enterprise admins, the setup process becomes easier. Krisp Microphone will automatically become the system default device for your team members after the installation and cut some steps from the manual setup.

    Read more about this feature in the following help article.

  • In the meantime, you get more control over how you use Krisp. The HD voice and Low-power mode icons are now clickable. They open the app preferences and let you change the voice quality mode directly during the call.

    Read more about the voice quality modes in this help article.

  • Alongside these changes, there are minor improvements and under-the-hood bug fixes to continue to improve your Krisp experience.

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