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November updates for Enterprise

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

In this update, we've enhanced the web dashboard, introduced new payment options for Indian users, refined user invitation statuses, and added a new Analyst role.

New Analyst role

We've rolled out a new Analyst role, now available to all the teams on the Enterprise plan. This role enhances team management with specific permissions, including:

  • Full access to the Analytics dashboard.

  • View-only access to the Users and Settings pages.

  • All standard User-role accesses.

Check our help article for more information.

Other improvements

UI updates to web dashboard sidebar: Our web dashboard sidebar now features an improved design for better usability and navigation.

Indian payments with Stripe-hosted payment link: To address payment issues in India, we've introduced a new payment flow for our users in India, addressing the issue of failed payments due to new regulations. Now, when a user with an Indian card attempts a transaction, a Stripe-hosted payment link will be presented, ensuring a smooth and successful payment process.

Update user invitation statuses for SSO/SCIM-enabled teams: Team admins will now experience an updated and more informative user invitation status system. Changes include:

  • "Joined" status replacing "Invitation accepted"

  • Enhanced clarity in user status for SSO and SCIM enabled teams

  • Simplified user table views, with unnecessary statuses removed

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