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SSO improvements

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

This release brings improvements and bug fixes to the SSO flows.

Updates in the flow

  • When logging in with SSO to an already provisioned account, the correct team can now be identified equally through the user’s company email address or the team slug. This will reduce the number of steps in the login flow and minimize the level of confusion.

  • The admin now gets a branded SSO login URL which can be provided to the users for a faster login to the team. This change as well is aimed at facilitating the login process.

SSO-related bug fixes and improvements

  • We have prevented prototype poisoning. All the sensitive fields have been removed from the update(PUT/PATCH) request body.

  • ReCaptcha is now enabled on the team/usage endpoint.

  • We introduce an additional layer of checking the user domain compliance with the team domain during the SCIM requests.

  • Krisp integration with Okta and Azure and the provisioning processes are now polished and made more admin and user-friendly.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • The bulk user invitation process will not be hindered if emails of existing team members are used. The process will go on successfully, but the already joined users won’t get additional invitation emails.

  • The CSV report of the team usage will now correctly indicate the users’ statuses.

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