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Krisp Windows (legacy)

Win 1.40 - Krisp as system default speaker for device-based teams

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

This release brings the device-based team users the option to select Krisp as system default speaker and improves the overall Krisp experience for everyone.

For device-based team admins

As a device-based team admin, you can now allow your teammates to select Krisp as their system default speaker. Alternatively, you can enforce Krisp as system default speaker for all the team users.

You can benefit from the feature in the following ways:

  • Your teammates will avoid setting up Krisp as speaker in each communication application. And before you ask, the audio will not be altered in any way, if the speaker is used without the Noise Cancellation!

  • Forcing Krisp as the system default speaker will assure that the audio setup required for your team is stable and not easily broken. This will especially be useful for the Call Center admins and agents.

For free users

The refined app UI will give you a better perception of your balance of free Noise Cancellations minutes.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • We fixed the cases when the Last Call Summary tooltip would appear in the wrong place.

  • We also made improvements in the notification system increasing the stability and the performance of the Krisp app.

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