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Krisp for Enterprise

Win Enterprise 23.Q3.3

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

This update introduces the new Microphone volume control options and other improvements and bug fixes to enhance your overall Krisp experience.

Microphone volume control

With Microphone volume control you have more control over your audio settings. The newly released Sync with Krisp option ensures consistent volume levels across all audio settings.

Check our help article to learn more about 3 control options and see which one suits you best:

  • Sync with Krisp

  • Lock at optimal level

  • Manual control


  • Improved the device prioritization logic. Device priority is now determined by the device name, not ID, ensuring that your chosen priority remains consistent even when you connect your device via a different USB port or dock. Learn more about device prioritization logic in our article.

  • For an improved user experience and better Noise Cancellation efficiency, Speaker NC will now only be activated when Krisp Microphone is in use. This ensures seamless Noise Cancellation during calls, eliminating unnecessary disruptions from inbound noise.

  • The Low Power Usage Noise Cancellation mode is now called CPU Optimized. Team Admins can activate this power-saving mode for all team members through Settings. This ensures both efficient system performance and maintained audio quality, particularly beneficial for devices with limited resources.

Bug fixes

  • We've resolved minor UI issues in the app to ensure a smoother and more intuitive user interface.

  • We've improved the synchronization between the Krisp Speaker and your system settings to provide accurate mute state information.

  • Resolved an issue where the system incorrectly identified the same headset device connected to different USB ports as separate devices, leading to inaccurate device prioritization.

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