The Krisp team
Krisp Windows (legacy)

Windows 1.25.3 - Widget

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

In this release, we are introducing the Krisp Widget! It will help you better indicate the noise in your surroundings and feel more confident during the calls!

This small, floating indicator will show you information about

  • Microphone level so you can see what others will hear and ensure that Krisp is really removing the noise. You can even have a look at it before the call and make sure that the noise is effectively removed.

  • App name, that's currently in use, so you know that Krisp is set up correctly

  • "Remove noise" toggle to switch it instantly with one click

  • Mute/unmute your microphone by clicking on the microphone in the widget

Also in this release, we did many under-the-hood bug fixes and improvements to increase the app's stability.

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