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Krisp Windows (legacy)

Windows 1.27.2 - Ringtone detection

AUTHOR: The Krisp team

This release fixes the "ringtone-removing" issue so that you can have your calls with more confidence. You also get more improvements!

  • Previously, the Krisp Speaker would cancel useful sounds like Zoom's "new person joined" notification or the voicemail beep sound. Now, our new smart speaker noise cancellation will leave the in-app soundsĀ in the most popular applications, as well as the telephony signals and voicemail beeps intact.

  • The Krisp state icons have been there to tell you if the app is ready to be used, if it is already in use or if there is something wrong with it. We have now added hover messages on the icons so you will always know the exact state of the app and take action if needed.

2021-07-19_17-24-22 (1).gif
  • The onboarding flow is updated and improved.

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