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Mac 1.12.13 - BIG Stability Improvements

In this release, we made a full refactor of our audio handling mechanism and you should see a noticeable improvement in the app stability and performance. Released on 20 Apr 2020

Krisp Mac

Published by The Krisp team

In this release we made a full refactor of our audio handling mechanism. Now audio is handled much more smoothly and more efficiently and you can see significant improvement in the stability, reliability and overall quality of the app. We also updated the logo and branding to match with our fresh Krisp brand.

Also in this release

-> Fixed the "Error during authentication" bug which sometimes would pop up during the first time login

-> Fixed the case when sometimes the toggles turned off after the call for "Free Pro" and "Pro" accounts. Now they always keep the last state so you can enjoy the unlimited use of Krisp!

-> Fixed the case when sometimes Krisp would cause audio issues with Zoom and would require a restart of OS audio

-> Improved the UX of Krisp uninstaller, but we do hope that you will never get to use the uninstaller to see it :)

-> Made a ton of smaller improvements and fixes. They are not worth mentioning one by one but they have a big combined impact together.

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