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Mac 1.17.13 - HD voice, room echo removal, low power mode and better noise cancellation

In this milestone release, we are introducing support for HD voice, room echo removal, low power mode, and better noise cancellation along with many other smaller improvements.

Krisp Mac
Published by The Krisp team
  • This is a major release of Krisp which brings important improvements to the app. In this release, we focused on three critical areas of interest:

    • Support for HD voice 
      • If you have a powerful enough computer and a compatible microphone, your voice will now sound in HD! This will bring a very noticeable improvement in voice quality.
    • Room echo removal 
      • Now we remove not only the noise but also the room echo (reverberation), so now even if you are in a room with too much echo you will sound like you're in a soundproof studio. 
    • Improved noise cancellation 
      • We improved the noise cancellation quality for more common noise types (babies crying, dogs barking, cats, roosters, keyboard typing, etc). 
    • Better CPU performance and battery usage
      • If the CPU performance is not enough, Krisp will now switch to the new “Low Power” mode to save battery and still provide good noise cancellation and voice quality.

    You can play with the different modes for voice quality in the menu -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Voice quality dropdown. 

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