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Mac 1.18.9 - Bug fixes and better reporting

In this release, we fixed some bugs and polished the reporting flow along with some other minor improvements.

Krisp Mac

Published by The Krisp team
  • Added a "Refer a friend" link so that the users will be able to share Krisp with their friends
  • Better problem reporting after performing the noise cancellation test. Now we can investigate issues better and provide quicker and more targeted help
  • Fixed the bug when in some cases, if there was an active stream on Krisp and the app was logged out, the speaker would not work anymore 
  • Fixed the issue in the app update flow when there is an active audio stream

  • The Krisp team

    A new more stable Krisp Mac version is LIVE now! Check it out!

  • Status changed to Complete.
  • Release was published!
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