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Windows 1.18.4 - Echo Cancellation

Krisp now has built-in echo cancellation! Released on 20 Aug 2020

Krisp Windows

Published by The Krisp team
  • Krisp now has built-in echo cancellation! If others on the call are experiencing acoustic echo (when they hear back what they just said) in some apps, you can go to Preferences->Advanced and enable the option for “Echo cancellation”.
  • The experimental “Enable Room Mode” feature has been discontinued and removed. Please visit this article for more details:
  • On the Free plan, we no longer disable the Remove Noise toggles every time the call ends so you do not have to enable them every time again.
  • When the user is logged in with a team account, we no longer show the “Create a Team” and “Share Krisp” buttons to keep the UI clean.
  • We added an option to allow changing microphone volume level manually. Go to Preferences->Advanced and disable the “Lock microphone volume at optimal level” option.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.

  • The Krisp team

    Windows 1.18.4 was followed by a hotfix release 1.18.8 that fixed some critical bugs.

  • The Krisp team

    The next release is here!

  • Release was published!
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