June 2020
May 2020
April 2020
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Mac 1.12.13 - BIG Stability Improvements

In this release, we made a full refactor of our audio handling mechanism and you should see a noticeable improvement in the app stability and performance. Released on 20 Apr 2020

Krisp Mac
March 2020
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Windows 1.12.4 - Krisp Rooms

We now have Krisp Rooms that not only cancels the noise but also removes the room echo! Released on 09 Mar 2020

Krisp Windows
Latest update

Hotfix release 1.12.6 released on 16 Mar 2020 that fixes a critical error in the last release.

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February 2020
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Mac 1.11.8 - Freemium

Krisp becomes true freemium! Now you can use the microphone and speaker for 60mins/week for Free! Released on 27 Feb 2020

Krisp Mac
December 2019
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Mac 1.10.2 - Japanese support

こんにけは, we now support Japanese along with other important stability and security improvements. Released on 26 Dec 2019

Krisp Mac